Terms & Conditions


Entering and using the website www.gugiko.com means that you agree to the following terms.
Before using gugiko.com you should read the Usage Agreement detailed below.



a) www.gugiko.com website (henceforth referred to as gugiko).

b) The Internet user who is registered to the website www.gugiko.com (“The Member”)
www.gugiko.com is open to all of its members.
Unless otherwise stated, the services given by the website is free.
In the cases written below, the website manager can block the Member’s use of the website and
keeps its legal rights against those who are involved in one of the situations described below.

1.a. Wrong, irregular, missing or deceptive information; the registration of the information that
includes the expressions against public morality and that is not compatible with laws of Republic of

1.b. Copying the content of the website fully or partially without permission from gugiko

1.c. The Member is fully responsible from any kinds of possible harms caused by disclosure of the
chosen user name or password to other persons or entities. Also, the user cannot reach without
permission and use the personal information of others (IP address, e-mail address, user name etc.).
The user accepts all the legal liabilities that could arise from such an inappropriate use.

1.d. The use or the intention of use of software that could block the website activities and threaten
the security of the website; reaching to and changing/deleting the private information over the

1.e. One member cannot have more than one account. If so, gugiko keeps its right to
block/freeze the fake account without any notification. The gains from multiple accounts are not
allowed to be kept. gugiko keeps its rights to apply to other ways including exclusion from
membership in the case of repeated violations since the terms of agreement would be violated.



2.a. All the written and visual material presented on www.gugiko.com is for personal use only. gugiko
has the property rights and the licensures of all the materials (“Materials”) including the
domain name, logo, icon, demonstrative materials, written/electronic/graphic/technical information
readable through machine, sale system, method of work and the work materials and protected by
the laws. They cannot be used with personal or commercial aims without permission and reference.
It is forbidden to publish a component of this website in some other platforms or websites without
permission of gugiko

2.b. The rights of using the software that is used in creating the database of this website belong to
gugiko. Copying or using the mentioned software is forbidden.

2.c. The rights of all comments, suggestions, or criticisms belong to gugiko and it has the right
to use those with the aim of marketing.

2.d. The information of the visiting users (time and duration of visit, the pages viewed) is followed to
provide better services. By protecting the confidentiality of its users, gugiko can share this
information with other cooperating advertisement companies. The aim is to promote
www.gugiko.com and the experiences of its users.

2.e. The member of www.gugiko.com can start to use the website after providing the required
information for registration and confirming the e-mail address, by ensuring to follow the policies
stated in this contract.

2.f. The Member accepts and undertakes that s/he will follow the regulations of Turkish Penalty
Code, Turkish Commercial Code, Code of Intellectual Property Rights, Code of Protection of the Brand
and Patent Names and any notification or announcement regarding the services of

2.g. If the user fail, or gugiko suspects that the user have failed, to comply with any of the
provisions of this Agreement and other policies in the website; gugiko can block or terminate
the account of the member permanently or temporarily.

2.h. The Member cannot be involved in acts that restricts other members’ access to the website,
cannot block/harm the servers or databases by using automatic programs, cannot be involved in
manipulative acts, and accepts the termination of the account and all the legal liabilities of such

2.i. The back-up of messages with gugiko.com is under the responsibility of the user and it is

2.j. The member cannot amend or delete the content of any policies or materials in the website.

2.k. The cancellation of the membership or termination of the account can be done by the user on
www.gugiko.com.The authorization to the access of website will be ended if the account is

2.l. The user cannot claim any rights over the deleted account information.

2.m. The relationship between the website members and other parties is under the responsibility of
the members.

2.n. gugiko do not have any control/responsibility regarding the link or reference to the other

2.o. gugiko keeps its right to use all your personal data for its own advertising campaigns, by
sticking to all the legal regulations about the user agreement, privacy and confidentiality.

2.ö. Some different rules can be specified for a part of the website. Those who use these parts are
considered to agree to the rules.

2. p. Please read our privacy policy and secure shopping policy. Starting to use our services, the
member accepts and undertakes that s/he read all these policies and s/he has responsibility against
any violation harming gugiko.
gugiko has the right to reflect all the charges to the member that are caused by violating acts of
the member against the contract and policies.



3.a. gugiko accepts and undertakes that it will give the contracted services to the members
except for technical problems.

3.b. gugiko is free to make any changes in this contract without any notification to ensure the
continuity of its services. gugiko always has the right to stop its services permanently or
temporarily without having to show a reason.

3.c. In the case of a change in the policies, gugiko will publish the new policies under the same
link of the previous one with the date of change and will e-mail the users if it considers necessary.



From the moment of registration to the website or purchasing any service or making an order, the
member accepts and undertakes to follow the policies of www.gugiko.com. Contract will remain
inoperative as the membership is over or as a violation of an item in this contract is happened.



In the solution of any conflict regarding this contract, Istanbul Courts and Execution Offices are



6.a. www.gugiko.com do not directly ask its users’ mail addresses. However, the e-mail address that
the user give is used as an address to ask for permanent address to send contract notifications.

6.b. The parties are required to notify the other party about the changes in the e-mail address within
3 days. Otherwise, the parties are considered to accept that the notifications will be made to the old
address and will be seen as done to the party itself.

6.c. Any e-mail sent by www.gugiko.com will be accepted as reaching to the member one day after
the e-mail is sent.



7.1. The member accepts and undertakes that all the personal and other information that s/he
provides is accurate in front of the laws and that s/he will compensate all the damages to the gugiko
caused by inaccuracy of the information.

7.2. The right to use the password belongs only to the member and the member cannot reveal the
password to the other people or entities. gugiko keeps its right to claim against this kind of violation.

7.3. The member accepts and undertakes that s/he will follow the legal regulations and will not
violate them. Otherwise, all the legal and punitive responsibilities will be of the members.

7.4. The member cannot use the website www.gugiko.com in a way disrupting the public order,
against public morality, insulting others, against laws, against intellectual property of others. Also,
the member cannot be involved in acts like spam, virus etc. to restrict or harm others’ connection to
the website.

7.5. All the comments and ideas of the members written in www.gugiko.com are the members’ own
ideas and do not gugiko’s concern.

7.6. gugiko do not have any liability due to unauthorized access to the members’ personal
information. The member accepts not to claim any rights from gugiko in the case of possible harms
due to the use of www.gugiko.com

7.7. The member accepts the legal and punitive responsibilities arising from using other members’
software and personal information without permission.

7.8. If the member violates one or more items stated in this contact, s/he will be fully responsible for
the violation legally. gugiko cannot be hold responsible for that violation and has right to ask for
recovery of the damages from the member.

7.9. gugiko always has the right to terminate the account of the member, and delete all the
documents and information of the member. The member accepts this beforehand.

7.10. The software and creation of the website www.gugiko.com belongs to gugiko, and it is
protected by copyright laws, and it cannot be used without permission or changed.

7.11. gugiko could collect the data regarding the name of the Internet server, IP address, the time of
access to the website, the pages viewed in accordance with the legal regulations in order to promote
its services.

7.12. gugiko can reveal the personal information of its members if it is a legal obligation or if the good
intention is inferred (a) to act in accordance with legal obligations notified to gugiko; (b) to protect the
rights and properties of www.gugiko.com

7.13. gugiko takes all the possible precautions to protect the website from harmful software.
However, the users have personal responsibility to protect themselves from such harmful acts.
Therefore, the member accepts that gugiko has no responsibility regarding a potential harm caused by
visiting the www.gugiko.com

7.14. gugiko keeps its right to change any information on the content of the website, or
change/terminate a service.

7.15. gugiko can revise, update or cancel the terms of agreement without having to notify the users.
Updated or revised terms is members’ liability starting from the date of publication.

7.16. Both parties accepts and undertakes that the computer records of gugiko are the only evidence
that will be took as base according to HUMK item 287 and that the mentioned records are
considered as evidence contract.

7.17. gugiko has the authority to send informative SMS and e-mails to the members’ phone and emails
while the member accepts that gugiko can send SMS and e-mails when approving this contract.
gugiko keeps its right to update the content of this legal warning page and recommends its users to
look at this page in every visit to the website